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New York - The Local NY

13-02 44th Ave., New York, NY, Yhdysvallat, 11101


Hostellin kuvaus

Think of The Local as your New York home. We’re your best friend in New York but you get to sleep in stylish and clean bunk rooms instead of on our couch.
Our fridge is always stocked, we always know what’s happening, and we’ve been waiting all year for your visit. We’re the newcomers to the edgy LIC neighborhood in Queens.
Our skyline views are the best and we’re just a couple of subway stops from Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Bar & Cafe on site


Lots of Restaurants, cafe's bars, shopping and sightseeing.. We have it all!

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Hunters Point
Washington Square Arch (4.67 Km) Flatiron Building (3.65 Km) Jefferson Market Library (4.63 Km) Empire State Building (3.19 Km) Morgan Library & Museum (2.84 Km) United Nations Headquarters (1.70 Km) Grand Central Terminal (2.44 Km) MetLife Building (2.47 Km)
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Info & Hinnat

Bar & Cafe on site.

  • Ilmoittautumisaika
    Ajat jolloin huoneeseen voi ilmoittautua:
    • Päivää: Every day
    • Alkaa: 3:00 PM
    • Loppuu: 3:00 AM
  • Huoneenluovutusaika
    Ajat jolloin huoneen voi luovuttaa:
    • Päivää: Every day
    • Alkaa: 5:00 AM
    • Loppuu: 11:00 AM
  • Vastaanottoaika
    Avoinna vuorokauden ympäri

Myyntivero (Ei sisälly): 14.75% henkilöä kohden per päivä

Paikallisvero (Ei sisälly): 3,50$ henkilöä kohden per päivä

The entire hostel is no smoking.
We serve coffees and light breakfast in the mornings and switch to drinks and snacks in the afternoon. We welcome our friends, neighbors, and guests from all over the world. There’s no pretense, just an open environment where you can enjoy your coffee or beer and have an interesting conversation. Start your day here and end your day here. We’re your Local.

Payment type accepted: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Cash

Sisäänkirjautujan minimi-ikä: 18-vuotias

Failure to check out by 11am will result in the charge of an additional night.
Non-registered guests are not permitted in guest rooms.
You may not exceed a room’s maximum occupancy. Single dorm beds are reserved for one person only. Double/Twin rooms are for two people. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the charge of an extra night.
Sleeping bags are not allowed.

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